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Terms and conditions of purchasing vouchers online

  • Vouchers are valid for three years. They can be redeemed online at www.thalia-theater.de or at our box office.
  • Vouchers are not valid for certain guest performances.
  • Upon overpayment, the customer will receive a voucher for the residual value.
  • Vouchers must be printed on white A4 paper.
  • Take good care of your voucher. The barcode and the voucher code must be legible.
  • When redeemed at our box office, the barcode on the voucher will be swiped through a monitor and electronically processed/stored.
  • Vouchers must not be copied.
  • Vouchers cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • In the event of losing a voucher please contact Thalia Theater immediately, Tel: 040 32 81 44 44. You are not automatically entitled to a replacement.